Namibian Pearl Salt

Moulded by the timeless rhythm of the south-westerly winds and the gentle dance of the Atlantic waves, Pearl Salt is a special tribute to the Namibian elements. The rare salt pearls are found amongst the numerous salt crystals formed from the ocean water.

Once prized more than gold, salt is one of the abundant jewels of the sea. Namibian Sea Salt from the Atlantic Ocean is harvested along Namibia’s west coast.

Desert Secrets combines them with Namib Myrrh and African Chamomile to create a soothing and cleansing bath salt.

Rare salt pearls shaped by the tumble of water and wind.

Sea salt contains an abundance of essential minerals and nutrients, as well as being a natural exfoliant. It has myriad health benefits to the body, skin and spirit, cleaning out pores and releasing anxieties, while re-energising with the strength and power of the mighty ocean.