Namibian Olive Oil

Olive oil has been known through the centuries for its anti-ageing properties. Rich in healthy antioxidants, including Vitamin A and E, it is a natural body moisturiser. Our Namibian olive oil is cold-pressed from olives grown along the ephemeral Swakop River. Olive trees flourish in the desert environment, drinking underground water and being caressed by the gentle sea mist.

olive pic1

Olive trees thrive on the underground water of the Swakop River, an ephemeral river that only flows after seasons of exceptional rainfall.

Lifelines of the desert

The Swakop River, like many of the ephemeral rivers in Namibia, remains dry except in years of exceptional rainfall when its catchment area further inland becomes satiated and the water rushes down towards the sea. The ephemeral rivers are the lifelines of the country and even when dry, their underground water supports life in the desert.

olive pic2

The rich and juicy olives grown on the banks of the Swakop River contain a nourishing oil, high in antioxidants, Vitamin A and E.

Hardy olives thrive on the banks of the Swakop River in the desert environment, withstanding heat and wind, and developing rich and juicy fruit.

Desert Secrets combines two nourishing oils, Tsamma Melon Oil and Olive Oil, to produce a deeply satisfying body oil to revitalise dry skin. Soft scents add a luxurious quality to this wholesome oil.

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