Desert Secrets’ Bath Salt & Body Scrub

“I love them! I feel so happy when I smell them,” is Sophia Snyman’s reaction when asked about her Bath Salt and Body Scrub.

“There are so many oils, but it’s what you add to them and how you blend them, which makes a product really special.”

This is especially evident in these two favourites, which include Namibian Pearl Salt – rounded pearls of sea salt to exfoliate skin and deeply clean body and soul - infused with African Chamomile and Namibian Myrrh. Subtly scented, they are soft, rejuvenating and feminine.

pearl salt 1

Namibian pearls: moulded by the gentle dance of wind and water.

It’s a secret

Sophia shares some of the exotic ingredients that she uses to create the special scent of her Bath Salt and Body Scrub: African Chamomile, Cape Snowbush, Rose Geranium, a touch of Vanilla, Neroli, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang. She won’t, however, share the quantities of each, which she combines into the perfect blend. ‘It’s our secret,” she says with a mischievous grin and sparkling blue eyes.

Soak away stress with Desert Secrets’ soothing Bath Salt. Let yourself be lulled into the serenity of the subtle scents, masterfully blended into a fragrant and feminine salve for the senses and spirit.

scrub 2

Slough off the old and welcome in the new with Desert Secrets’ revitalising Body Scrub.

And, give your skin an invigorating spa treatment with Desert Secrets’ Body Scrub, infused with nourishing Marula Oil, to leave skin renewed, enhanced and glowing.

Treat yourself to loveliness!

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